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A Peek Into The Boomer Facebook Demographic

I interview 2 “boomers” (my parents) as to how they interact on Facebook to give businesses an idea how to reach and engage this large portion of people in the US on their preferred social media platform.

Why you need an online marketing consultant working for your small business

Small business owners wear so many hats and one thing that mainly will get overlooked is how their business is truly being seen online. Cheryl Burget with Your Sales Genius interviews Tina Sorensen with TRu Solutions to find out how a professional online marketer can help small businesses be seen, validated and get more customers online.

Does My Business Need to Focus Online?

Yes! Done. Cut. That’s a wrap. Ok, let me explain – every business today needs to have an online presence. Even if your client base is 99% referrals…where do you think those referred to you go to validate your business? Online. How do you show up when someone searches specifically for you?

Snapchat for Businesses

Have you ever wondered if your small business needs to be on Snapchat? Here is my perspective with a real live Gen Z’er talking about how they are interacting with brands on social media.

A Look at TRu Solutions

Meet Tina Sorensen, the owner and marketing consultant for TRu Solutions.

What is SEO?

Here’s a quick video that explains why the term “SEO” can mean different strategies for different businesses.

Win Your Local Market Online

Are you easily found, or are potential customers finding your competitors instead? Find out today with our free “DIY Online Audit Guide“. 


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